Johanna Goodlad

Taking Part in Race 3 from Stavanger, Norway to Halmstad, Sweden
Johanna Goodlad

Scalloway, Shetland

Aged 18 years old

Johanna’s sister took part in The Tall Ships Races aboard the Christian Radich a few years ago and raved so much about the experience that Johanna couldn’t resist applying to be a sail trainee. This is Johanna’s last summer at home before she heads off to university and as an avid sailor she hopes to use the skills she has gained sailing her family’s small boat to use on board a Tall Ship. Johanna also has a keen interest in music, playing in several bands ranging from woodwind to rock and hopes her ability to adapt will be a skill that serves her well during her Tall Ships Races experience.

Although a significant team building exercise Johanna also hopes to gain more independence from her participation in the Tall Ships Races 2011.

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