6th July 2011 (Solbjorn Mikkel Einarsson)

After arriving in Waterford, finding my ship (Class A vessel - the Europa) and a spectacular fireworks display, it was time for bed

The Europa set off at 9:05am the next morning on engines only. We raised 16 sails upon leaving Waterford and then once out in the open sea and a few miles from the line we put up all the sails.

The race began for us at around 15:30, with only wind power from now on. We enjoyed a sail and rope explanation at 16:30 and a small dolphin show at 18:30. My shift started at 20:00 - 00:00. In that time I was on watch twice, on the helm once and we tacked. I was paired up with a Swedish female sail trainee for the training.

We’ve got lots of nationalities on board; my cabin alone contains people from Ireland, America, Spain and Sweden. Hoping for more wind tomorrow.