6th July 2011 (Matthew Chapman)

We’re approaching the finish line for Race 1 and should be across in the next hour or so.

Wind falling away now but storming sail 10 knot record set by Ian who gets the yet to be decided booby prize.

Most of crew seasick today including a young Boating Club member who couldn't tell the windward and leeward side of the boat apart, lucky he was wearing oilskins!

Campbeltown tomorrow. All well. Matt.


Update - 1750 hrs

Well, we finally crossed the line after an agonising 2 or 3 hours as the wind died. Made it to Campbelltown for 0900 this morning.

Staying here and enjoying the host ports hospitality and giving everyone a chance to get a full night’s sleep before moving on again in the morning. Will be heading to Arran for a barbie weather permitting.”