17th July 2011 (Douglas Stevenson and Heather Gray)

12.40am - We're in Shetland!

After two days of rough sailing, we had our first victim to seasickness earlier on today. We arrived in Scalloway around 6pm and immediately joined in with the festivities. Tom Henderson kept us entertained with his eight foot unicycle, which he kindly let us have a shot of - nobody was harmed! Over the next few days we hope to make our way around Shetland so beware, we'll be coming to a port near you!


Blog Update 9.52pm

Left Scalloway this morning and have just arrived in Cullivoe to a traditional Yell welcome, champagne and all. This has been a particularly rainy and windy sail north, but on the bright side, nobody got sunburnt!

On the sail north a song or two has been written and the eight hour game of 'I spy' came to an end. We're planning on spending our night here with a BBQ, before enjoying a day and another night in Yell tomorrow.