15th July 2011 (Paul Gaffney)

12.20am - This evening we arrived in Oban just after dinner and went ashore to a fantastic ceilidh.

During the day we hoisted and took in various sails as we went through the Sound of Islay and up past Colonsay and Mull. A good day of sailing, mostly fine weather with tiny bit of rain.


Blog Update - 7.43pm

Arrived in Ullapool now, it's raining a bit, the first real rain of our voyage. Some of the trainees change ship here, we didn't want them to leave and neither did they – everyone has become really close. Sitting here we can hear music coming from the tent on the pier, sounds good even from out here. Climbed up to the top yard on the foremast today - it was brilliant, looked scary at first but felt good getting to the top. Also saw dolphins as we sailed past Skye and an orca passing Canna, this morning.


Blog Update - 11.16pm

Tonight, went to the Ullapool concert; great fun and great tunes. Quite a few Tall Ships here tonight, Gloria and Christian Radich plus some smaller ones. Rain also went off – what a bonus!