12th July 2011 (Paul Gaffney)

After arriving at Aberdeen in the rain, we were welcomed yesterday by the sun beaming over the Tall Ships in Greenock!

The Shetland trainees including myself, Michael Thomson and Robert Gray, walked around the dock taking in The Ships, lively atmosphere and fun fair. Later on Michael and I boarded our ship - Wylde Swan.

After a great dinner and a bit of getting to know the crew, we headed off to watch Deacon Blue at the concert. Pretty super day, looking forward to setting sail tomorrow!


Blog Update! - 11am

This morning we have been learning about our watch duties, how to wear a harness for climbing and perfecting some new skills before we leave in the Parade of Sail. Looking particularly forward to the Red Arrows display. There’s a great atmosphere among the trainees and everyone can’t wait to set sail.

Blog Update! - 19:30 

Just after 1pm we headed out for the Parade of Sail, cheering and doing a Mexican wave as we left the dock. So many small boats were out in the Firth of Clyde, watching, sailing along with us and one even playing us some accordion tunes! We had great views of the other Tall Ships and watched the Swan motor past us. Had to return to Greenock for a bit but are now ready to leave again. Destination……Campbeltown.